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Installment loan – Submitting the application

Zaloan is a financial institution that is part of the Zaloan Group. It is the largest company in Europe that offers loan services provided via the Internet and mobile phones. Importantly, it was the first to introduce mobile micro-loans in Europe. The group operates in over 20 countries and enjoys considerable interest from a large audience. Over 300 teams of specialists serve over 1.5 million customers worldwide. This is a very important fact, which proves the prestige of the brand.

A standout brand

A standout brand

The acclaimed company has been awarded the Responsible Lender certificate by Loan Magazine. This shows that customer confidence is not accidental. Zaloan emphasizes that as a financial institution it wants to provide professional service to its clients. At the same time, its representatives want the application process to be carried out with the least possible formalities. This is a great help for a customer who needs to quickly obtain the funds he needs. Contact with a competent lender is very important especially for people who do not have experience in using this type of service.

High amounts for a long period

High amounts for a long period

The proposal Zaloan has for its potential clients concerns installment loans. The customer can count on amounts from 1000 to 6000 PLN. The period for which the loan is granted is from 6 to 24 months. This is a very advantageous offer for people who prefer to gradually pay back the borrowed amount in flexible installments. The large range of amounts and deadlines allows us to tailor the commitment to our needs and financial capabilities. This is very important when we want to avoid burdening our credit history.

Installment loan as an alternative to credit

Many people have significant expenses that are not large enough to take a cash loan. Not everyone can afford a long-term commitment. Some are afraid that they will not be able to pay and will fall into debt. In such cases, sometimes it is better to take a smaller amount for a shorter period. An installment loan is a great option then.
The advantage of using installment loans at Zaloan is that we are dealing with a professional brand. Zaloan enjoys recognition from experts. This is evidenced by the frequent listing of this institution’s offers in installment and payday loans rankings. The company’s assessment also includes customer feedback.



To apply for a installment loan from Zaloan, several conditions must be met. One of them is having Polish citizenship. In addition, the customer must be at least 21 and no more than 78 years old. What’s more, the company does not offer loans without verification in the debtors’ bases, so a potential borrower cannot have negative entries in them and cannot have debts with other financial institutions. If the potential borrower meets these conditions, he can easily submit the application.

Application process for installment loan

When we plan to take advantage of the Zaloan offer, we must go through the next stages of application. At the beginning we should specify the details of the loan that interests us. It is about choosing a specific amount and the repayment period that suits us, and hence the number of installments. These are very important decisions because it is a long-term commitment. We must remember that we must pay our installments systematically and conscientiously. That is why you should carefully analyze your financial possibilities.

Installment loan application

The next stage of application is submitting the application. The form that we must complete is not extensive and should not cause us problems. The entire process is carried out online using the Zaloan website. For this we need the details from our ID card and bank account number. These are very limited formalities, so you can easily fill out the online application.

Checking the application

Once we are able to apply, there is a stage during which the loan company verifies our income. This is necessary to confirm our identity and check whether we will be able to repay the loan. This is standard practice. If our credit standing is maintained, our application will undoubtedly be approved. Then we have to transfer one penny to the account specified by the company in order to complete the verification process.

Money on the customer’s account

If the decision is successful, the money will affect the borrower’s account. This usually goes very quickly. A lot depends on the bank where the customer has an account. Once the money appears in our account, we can use it for any purpose. We must remember to pay our installments regularly if we want to maintain financial liquidity.

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